Founders: Sebastiano Saccani, Daniele Panfilo, Alexander Boudewijn, Pietro Tortella 
Location: Trieste, Italy


2nd Open Call


HALF AND HALF CHALLENGE (Data combination): VRT-vrtnws-user-behaviour

Product Description

Aindo Parrot is a software package for the generation of synthetic datasets. The generated data will retain all of the statistical properties of an input dataset, without containing any sensitive information. Thus, it is the perfect instrument to share data with external data analysis service providers while ensuring compliance with GDPR. The system is based on the latest advances in generative machine learning: Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and Variational Auto-Encoders (VAE).

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Aindo is a startup whose mission is to use state-of-the-art tools and techniques from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize business operations, combining corporate experience with academic excellence. Central to AIndo’s philosophy is the notion that the realms of business, research and education can go hand-in-hand. We believe that in the rapidly evolving field of AI, a pivotal key to success is a strong emphasis on research and development.

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