Maxfone srl


Founders: Errico Paolo, Marisa Rensi, Vittoria Ferlin, Corrado Prati, Emilio Granata 
Location: Verona, Italy


2nd Open Call


HALF AND HALF CHALLENGE (Data combination): IAAF-athlete-historical-results

Product Description

Maxfone is working in the web and social monitoring market offering data visualisation, custom analysis and strategic insights. 

The flagship product is SocialMeter Suite: a data analytics platform composed of five modules, each addressing specific audiences and needs. Its value proposition is to make big data analysis democratic, with accessibility of information to anyone, regardless of specific competencies or purchasing power. This is delivered both through a friendly user interface for easy fruition of the information, and though an affordable starting price.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Maxfone is a certified innovative Italian SME that operates in the data science and technological innovation industries. It was founded in 2010 by a group of business partners with knowledge in the ICT field, in company set-up and value creation.

Today, Maxfone carries forward two business segments: an IoT division, the first to be founded, and a Big Data analysis division. Thanks to the expertise developed in the ICT sector, the Big Data analysis division was able to quickly build an infrastructure to elaborate the huge amount of data available on the web. Since Big Data will be an essential requisite for companies in the future and companies are faced with the need to adopt a data-driven approach, Maxfone’s objective is to support its customers through strategic information based on data.

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