Founders: Mike Manchip, Adam Tarshis, Robin Wheeler 
Location: Dublin, Ireland


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-FREE. Free Choice Challenge: Bring your own data provider

Product Description

Anadue’s location intelligence platform consumes data from connected vehicles as well as open data sources eg. weather, enabling new analytics applications to manage sustainable mobility. The platform supports multiple products, like analysis of micromobility, ride-sharing services and traffic flow for city planning.

Traditional methods of traffic management are expensive, placing sensors at junctions. Anadue provides a view of micromobility and traffic data, sampling speed and other data for all roads, without the cost of deploying sensors. Cities are able to quantify the impact of changes to traffic and other services over time.

The platform performs analysis & prediction of vehicle traffic or micromobility usage, including using machine learning algorithms

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Anadue’s mission is to create location intelligence applications for the rapidly expanding field of spatial intelligence. The Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, connected cars, sustainable transport, Smart Cities and much more are creating huge volumes of data, and most of its value remains untapped. With unlimited data, there is unlimited opportunity.

Our location intelligence platform generates reports using this incredibly rich and vast data. Our first applications are for Smart Cities, in traffic management, retail location intelligence for fuel stations, and micromobility operators for compliance and service optimisation.

We help our customers make their services more efficient through insights from using the vast data available.

We’re making cities better places to live.

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