Founders: Arnaldo Maccarone
Location: Italy


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-16-VRT_1. Auto-tagging News Articles

Product Description

Arakne works for large enterprises needing  to tackle complex problems with large amount of inhomogeneous data. The delivered product can be a software solution or a data mining / AI analysis aimed at extracting data relevant to business objectives. In general, we deliver our solution as a tailor-made service designed for the specific customer but in some cases (like in media semantic tagging STAG initiative) we design products to exploit scale economy. Our USP is the capability of providing both a scientific approach resorting to the last academic research innovations and a solid industrial experience allowing for the development of end-to-end implementations that work in a real life environment. These characteristics often make Arakne preferable with respect to bigger players.


Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


Arakne operates in the fields of B2B s/w development, data management, IT consulting and research working for European enterprise-level companies. Born as a spin-off of National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Arakne works since late-00s bringing the scientific skills of data management to sectors such as TELCO, Finance, Health, Transport, and so on. Arakne employs around 30 people in two Business Unit: web/mobile development and BigData. Recent BigData projects include for example data mining on TELCO network data and a BigData training project (375 days of teaching and hands-on sessions). In R&D arena Arakne works in fields such design of satellite s/w for antimatter detection in cosmic rays, earthquake studies, optimization of separation management algorithms in Air Traffic Management.


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