Founders: Fabiana Martins Clemente
Gonçalo Martins Ribeiro

Location: Portugal


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-17-VRT_2:Make synthetic data for safe sharing with third parties

Product Description

YData believes that privacy and conscious use of data are growing concerns in organizations. In this challenge, we will  generate synthetic user behaviour data as similar as the originally provided. Leveraging our Synthetic Data Generator product, we are capable to create synthetic tabular data from random noise with great quality. As this new data keeps the original data’s properties, such as statistical and semantics, it can be used for several purposes, such as training machine learning models, or even to be shared or sold to external entities, as due to the process of its creation there is no risk of private data leakage. 

The generator can be used on the browser, in the cloud via API and on premises, allowing the versatility needed to fulfil any possible infrastructure requirements.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


Great experiences do not need to come at the expense of users’ privacy and security. Rather, we believe that privacy and security can help support great experiences. YData aims to support a world lead by data by enabling organizations to guarantee their user’s privacy and be GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act compliant. Being the process of finding high-quality data the biggest bottleneck when implementing AI, we provide the tools and the data needed to perform any kind of activities. Our pipelines and even the resulting datasets are designed in a secure way that the use of private data is no longer an issue. We can quickly serve organizations to leverage data and AI to innovate and reinvent their business without having to worry about data collection, engineering and ownership.

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