Founders: Dr. Guenther Hoffmann
Location: Germany


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-18-YKT:CC Fraud Detection

Product Description

uVantage offers predictive analytics, to help the finance industries direct decision making, by analyzing unstructured information and numerical data with machine learning technology. uVantage is platform technology which lets you rapidly build and deploy data driven, AI applications across the organisation and globally. 

Current analytics solutions are largely based on methods that consider measurements or sensor readings (structured data). In many instances, there are no measurements. uVantage provides access to unstructured data and is based on proprietary natural language processing (NLP) technology, proprietary modeling technology for large, complex and non-linear data and industry specific lexica. Unstructured information, including behavioral data, is largely ignored in finance. uVantage understands unstructured sources, turns that information into actionable knowledge and thus yields access to vast amounts of hidden knowledge. 

uVantage targets the finance and intelligence markets. Use cases include credit and transaction scoring, risk management and customer analytics which includes behavioral analytics. 

Unlike general purpose analytics platforms like IBM, SAP or SAS, uVantage focuses on providing finance specific solutions with deep domain specific knowledge. uVantage recognizes and processes out-of-the-box more than one (1) million text items. uVantage has established a proprietary data scoring platform based on curated sources, including more than 10 million events covering roughly 10 years history. uVantage provides transaction, risk and credit scoring based on its proprietary data in combination with data provided by clients. 

uVantage is a cross vertical cloud-based service. Revenue is generated based on a SaaS Model.


Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


The company is a spin-off from Humboldt University Berlin. First customers include the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) which supported the spin-off with a grant and the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation. The spin-off introduced its uVantage platform in May 2018 attracting international supporters like EY – Ernst & Young. We have participated in these accelerator programs: Innovate EY, HightecXL. Our finance product is available as an MVP.


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