Founders: Dr. Amin Rostamian
Prof. Michel Rappaz

Location: Switzerland


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Product Description


Recycling of aluminium includes melting process in major furnaces. The melting process is very inefficient because the operation of the furnaces is still mainly based on human decisions. This can be significantly improved by an on-line data-driven numerical simulation.


Novamet develops SmartMelt, a unique and patented data-driven controlling system to enhance the efficiency of the melting furnace. SmartMelt solution includes a digital-twin furnace in which data coming from the furnace controller are analyzed and compared on-line to results coming from an extremely efficient numerical simulation software. SmartMelt determines the optimized times for future actions and helps operators to minimize cycle time and energy consumption of the furnace.


Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


Novamet has been founded on December 2014 in Lausanne (Switzerland), as a spin-off of the Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne (EPFL) by Dr Amin Rostamian and Prof. Michel Rappaz. 


The activities of Novamet Sàrl are R&D, process optimization and software development. Novamet vision is to be the global supplier of innovative and data-driven process controlling and process optimization platform based on digital twins technology. The mission of the company is to supply innovative process optimizer solutions to enhance the efficiency of industrial thermal processes. Novamet solutions will be the key elements towards the digitalisation. That facilitates implementation of industry 4.0 for complex thermal process such as melting.

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