Founders: Matteo Gerola
Giuseppe Grigis
Alessio Frigerio
Paolo Pelizzari
Daniele Saviola
Renato Mario Ornaghi
Michele Colombo
Energy Saving S.P.A.

Location: Italy


2nd Open Call


Track 3 – FREE CHOICE CHALLENGE (Bring your own data provider and data)

Product Description

Cartiere del Garda is a paper mill factory that deployed a massive 50Mwh co-generator. Part of its produced energy  is used within the factory, while the unused is offered to the national grid. The process is demand-driven: Cartiere del Garda deliver a forecast on the amount of energy that it will offer in the upcoming two days, and errors on such a forecast lead to monetary penalties imposed by the energy provider.

With the GEM-Analytics framework  we collect actual and forecasted data and crunch it through AI-based algorithms. By doing so, we will digitise and automate what is currently a human process, let machines learn and store knowledge that could be lost, and improve the quality of the estimation. Indeed, our performance KPI is to reduce the aforementioned penalties by at least 20%.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


Energenius Srl is a start-up founded by energy managers, engineers and software developers. It integrates energy monitoring solutions and offers added value through the advanced energy analysis..

Energenius Srl has developed a proprietary platform (GEM-Analytics), that allows automated processing of energy management tasks in the context of industrial and tertiary buildings. The software is based on tools oriented to Industry 4.0, and includes AI, big-data analysis and fog computing technologies. 

In this context, the main goal of Energenius is to create a cutting-edge, fully automated and configurable energy analysis and optimisation tool, also able to identify faults and provide feedback in autonomy. 

The solutions developed are applicable to a wide range of energy-intensive machinery.

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