Founders: Jose Antonio Guerrero
David Solís
Juan Galán
Location: Spain


2nd Open Call



Product Description

Identifying a customer profile is beneficial for both the customer, that can receive a personalized experience, and for the company (goods/services provider), that can take more accurate business decisions.

Datrik will develop a customer segmentation product for IGT with the aim of identifying users playing patterns (styles) in wager-based games. The core of the product will be a self-developed non-parametric clustering methodology. The product (through a simple GUI) will allow IGT to: 1) Understand playing style of each user segment 2) Perform customized exploration on the different player dimensions used to characterize playing styles.

This product could be adapted to other business. There are major dimensions like frequency, volume and diversity that are shared between IGT and many other business.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


Datrik Intelligence was established in 2015 by three Data Science enthusiasts and nowadays it consists of a team of 9 talented employees. The company provides specialized Data Science consultancy services covering the whole project life cycle: Data preprocessing, feature selection and engineering, modeling and parameter tuning, visualization and interpretability, deployment and performance monitoring, etc.

Datrik has customers from different sectors as insurance, finances or retail. Thanks to the consulting activity Datrik have obtained experience in a wide range of Data Science problems as fraud detection, risk assessment, clustering and segmentation, churn prediction, etc. The long term goal of the company is to use this experience to build high quality machine learning-based products.


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