Founders: Kirill Vechera, Anna Zhuravleva, Aleksandr Pereiaslavets
Location: Rome, Italy


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-2-ELEKLJ Remote Measurement Control

Product Description

AI-aided Monitoring is an advanced data analytics software for Industrial IoT and Big Data. It applies Artificial Intelligence techniques for the monitoring of equipment, systems, and processes, and it is used in condition monitoring, quality management, efficiency and cost optimization.

The program aggregates and analyzes data from machines, sensors, meters, and human, and displays symptoms of problems with diagnostics details helping to solve them.

AI-aided Monitoring allows to detect, diagnose, and prevent much more complex problems or detect them much earlier, comparing to classical monitoring and data analytics solutions. It reduces losses from downtime, malfunctions, errors, or misdeeds, also reducing the cost of monitoring and maintenance.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Jetware develops a platform, operating system, and software tools to build and manage complex computing systems. The platform automates configuration, integration, deployment, and administration of system programs, libraries, frameworks, applications, data, and networks. The company provides ready-to-use software stacks and clusters for machine learning and big data pipelines, databases, application servers, and web applications.

Jetware also designs, implements and supports distributed computing, data storage, and data processing solutions for enterprises and startups, and develops customized advanced data analytics services.

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