Founders: Mohamad Hasan Bahari, Ali Diba, Luc Van Gool
Location: Brussels, Belgium


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-15-TUB Traffic Analysis

Product Description

Billions of users manually upload their captured videos/images to cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive without tagging them, even though this makes searching among their archives very difficult and also it exposes them to cyber threats (encrypting images/videos before uploading, makes it impossible to review them online and find the image/video of interest). Our smart-gallery app recognizes and tags all images/videos automatically and then uploads/saves them to the user’s target cloud/local storage. This makes videos/images searchable while fully preserving privacy. It also cuts the costs of cloud computing on expensive GPU-servers and high-speed internet connection. Furthermore, it has real-time processing and removes delays of uploading data and cloud processing

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Sensifai offers the world’s most comprehensive video recognition system on the cloud, and also embedded in the smartphone chipset. The software is available live on Amazon Web Service Marketplace and everybody can subscribe and use it. 

SensifAI has launched the world’s first embedded video recognition App for Smartphone chipsets publicly and was a launch partner of Amazon Sagemaker platform and released the world’s first customizable video recognition platform. The company has won several awards including EU top 50 company award, MIT technology review and IUIA innovation award. The company was founded by three alumni and scientists from MIT, ETHZ and KU Leuven, who previously co-founded over 10 successful startups.


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