SMAP Energy



Founders: Yohei Kiguchi, Paul Monroe, Adnan Mortada
Location: London, United Kingdom


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-4-ENERGA. Determining the load profile for energy metering points (MP)

Product Description

By 2020 over 800M smart meters are expected to be installed worldwide. Alongside this widespread implementation comes the unprecedented potential for increases in operational efficiency and customer insight. However, utilities and other aggregators of energy consumption data must be able to pull out the complex insights contained within to take full advantage of the opportunities. 

Smart Meter Analytics Platform is a SaaS solution to transform the growing amount of smart-meter data into actionable business value. We help our utility clients leverage this collected energy consumption data into applications that inform internal strategic decision-making, increase profitability and customer retention; as well as allow for the testing and rapid deployment of new digital offers.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

We’ve been working with smart-meter data since 2014 when our team came together at the University of Cambridge. Operating as the privately-sponsored Cambridge Energy Data Lab, we worked with academics, data scientists, and utilities across the world to build and develop the next generation of data analytics tools and services that would capitalise on the growth of smart meter installations.

In 2016, we saw an opportunity to combine our expertise into a single platform and SMAP Energy was born. We envisioned a single cloud-based system capable of analysing hundreds of millions of smart meters and continuously evolving to deploy new applications. Our role in the future energy system is to be the foundational element for accelerating all components of the digital transition.

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