Founders: Giorgio Grappelli, Fulvio D’Antonio, Francesco Marcellino
Location: Roma, Italy


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-1-EDP. Predictive Model of Churn Rate

Product Description

DS4Biz RAID (Rapid Artificial Intelligence Development) Framework is a software that can automate business processes by using Cognitive Automation tool and techniques.

DS4Biz RAID Framework combines three different elements:

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Big Data exploitation.

Each module performs specific functions useful to build an AI solution (e.i. classification, entity extraction and more).

DS4Biz RAID framework allows users to easily integrate third-party AI services or customer applications with a dedicated front end, making easier the integration with the environments in which it operates.

DS4biz framework can handle at the same time multiple AI applications that perform different functions, share information and results with each other.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Live Tech is a Data Science company with experience in AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Analysis, automatic systems and big data solutions in various sectors such as Insurance,
Banking, Retail and Energy.

Live Tech is the result of a collaboration between the company founding partners and PhD researchers of La Sapienza University. Live Tech created DS4Biz RAID, a framework built upon a set of tools developed in an academic context that leverage the experience matured on tens of project.


– Live Tech has been qualified as one of the most promising Fintech AI company in Italy and has been recognized as Top10 Cognitive Solution Provider in 2019. – Live Tech is partner of European H2020 project Content Personalization Network.

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