Founders: Tim Wegner,
Alexander Müller
Location: Berlin, Germany


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-18-YKT:CC Fraud Detection

Product Description

Employees are burdened with lots of manual, repetitive and tedious processes that are currently hard or very expensive to automate. Instead of outsourcing these processes, companies can outsmart them – by implementing the flexible and self-learning AI Workers outsmart.ai. outsmart.ai can automate complex tasks involving unstructured data and can learn from human experience. outsmart.ai runs as a SaaS model that charges a monthly fee for each AI Worker that is deployed.

By using the unique human-AI feedback loop, employees are only involved where their input is most valuable, while all other tasks are performed automatically. With outsmart.ai, corporates can harness the potential of AI today and create real impact for their organisation and for their employees.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

The founders of outsmart.ai, Alexander Mueller and Tim Wegner, have already previously worked together for several years. They came up with the idea of using AI and human collaboration to automate repetitive processes in 2018 and created the initial concept of outsmart.ai. Since the beginning of 2019, they are both 100% committed to outsmart.ai, collected some pre-seed public funding, hired their first employees and created an MVP as a basis for working with corporate clients. They have recently partnered with VISA-Spielfeld to address challenges in the financial industry using their ML solution and have attracted several pilot customers, including Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail, 40bn € revenue) to automate their back-office processes.

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