CYC Analytics


Founders: Rafael Zuñiga
Location: Spain


2nd Open Call



Product Description

We offer consultancy services & SW solutions:

– CyC offers 1) custom intranets & collaborative platforms, 2) mobility tools 3) UNIFIKAS, a business processes management sw suite & 4) Business Analytics solutions

– ELARA helps manufacturing plants to improve operation excellence by 1) digitization services, 2) a proprietary manufacturing execution system (OPTIME) & 3) Data Science & AI projects.

Data analysis services are split in 2:

-Business Analytics: sets its USP in a deep knowledge of technology solutions for BI applications & data analysis democratization. This line started more than 22 years ago & has a team of 12 experts supported by data architects, DevOps & Machine Learning experts.

 -ELARA Data Science/AI services focus on the improvement of manufacturing processes at plant floor level.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

CyC is a technology consulting firm specialized in the Digital Transformation of Businesses. Our goal is to design, customize & develop technological solutions adapted to our customer needs, focusing on the improvement of processes, information sharing and knowledge.

Our portfolio: collaborative platforms, mobility developments and Business Intelligence solutions. In 2005 CyC created ELARA INGENIEROS, a subsidiary
company focused on the Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry & in 2012 CyC acquired WELLDONE, an entity specialized in communication & corporate design.
In 2015 and in respect to the trends regarding data-driven economy, CYC transformed the
Business Intelligence to Business Analytics solutions and the establishment of a whole new area for Industrial Data Analytics.

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