Bettair Cities


Founders: Josep Perelló Vallès,
Leonardo Santiago Montilla,
Narcís Clavell Soldevila,
Iratxe Perales Arce,
Albert Navarro Vilches
Location: Cornellà de Llobregat, Spain


2nd Open Call


HALF AND HALF CHALLENGE (Data combination) UBIMET – weather-data-Iberian-Peninsula

Product Description

Bettair is an IoT platform that can, for the first time, to map air and noise pollution in cities on a previously unimaginable scale based on a large deployment of outstandingly accurate gas sensors by using an advanced post-processing algorithm. The platform includes hardware (sensor network), software for cities and an APP for citizens.

The platform (that complements the traditional ones) perfectly assists cities i) to identify unknown pollution sources and ii) to assess the impact of the environmental actions in order to identify the most cost-effective ones and iii) to predict pollution episodes. This information provides unique insights and enables better decisions to mitigate air pollution. It recommends the cleanest routes to residents, and zones by air quality can also be categorised.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Bettair Cities is a hard tech company located in Barcelona, founded in September 2017, with international experience in electronics, telecommunications and intelligent computer science implementations (artificial intelligence techniques). The mission is to monitor air and noise pollution with high accuracy in urban scenarios. The qualified, experienced and multidisciplinary team is led by the versatile Josep Perello (CEO, MSc Electronics, PDD-IESE, MSc Internet Business), and the multitalented Leonardo Santiago (CTO, MSc Hons Telecommunications). The technical team has a strong scientific and technical background with impressive programming and mechatronic skills.


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