Founders: Mahdi Ben Alaya
Location: Labège, France


2nd Open Call


HALF AND HALF CHALLENGE (Data combination) VPS-electrical-consumption-of-a-commercial-building

Product Description

Next Generation Building Operating System for managing multiple sites regardless of vendor to improve energy efficiency, save on operational costs and avoid vendor lock-in by interfacing, within a few clicks, with any existing building management and energy systems (BMES). Rest APIs expose smart building data and resources through standard interfaces. Uniform data formats are used to abstract the specificity of any equipment within the building. The data is no longer buried. It is enriched with contextual metadata and can be used by any application, subject to proper permissions. New high value-added services (e.g. fault detection, predictive security, etc.) can be added dynamically by Sensinov or third parties. Equally computing resources can be scaled-up and down to cope with deployment needs. The solution comes with a facility manager centric dashboard for centralized management (supervision and control) along with a powerful rule engine to enforce global policies across multiple buildings.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Sensinov is a 3 years old startup with premises in the IoT Valley of Toulouse, European reference business ecosystem for IoT. Sensinov focuses on Smart Building interoperability with applications to energy efficiency, centralised management of building (e.g. supermarket chains) and wider integration to Smart Cities. The founders of Sensinov have been doing state of the art research in IoT, AI and semantic interoperability in LAAS-CNRS which is a large national research centre in Toulouse that incubated Sensinov. 

With revenues of 400K EUR in 2018, Sensinov doubled its revenues every year since its inception in April 2016. The main customers of Sensinov are super market chains and facility managers.

Sensinov is strong contributor to standards and open source: being involved in oneM2M and leading two open source projects: Eclipse OM2M and djane.io (an open source for data interoperability implementating of NGSI-LD specification from ETSI). 

Sensinov is currently exploiting opportunities pertaining to big data applications for Smart Buildings as a means to differentiate and perform crossselling and enhance its upselling potential to generate new revenue streams.

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