Founders: Suhas Patel,
Rahul Prajapat
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany


2nd Open Call



Product Description

Tvarit GmbH’s Automated Predictive Analytics ( APA ) product, functions as a brain of sensor-based data analytics, has widened the AI space for building new use cases for Retail Industry. APA with 22+ AI algorithms, developed by Tvarit’s in-house team of experts have seen 97.2% in past projects for predicting the customer behaviour.

Apart from having real-time, seamless, fast and persistent cloud/software, Tvarit has engaged into heavy R&D on “Transfer Learning for Machines/Sensors data”, envisioning to reduce model training time to zero.

Our AI platform addresses three major retail industry challenges:

1. Complexity and cost-effectiveness of AI journey
2. Discovering the right use-cases of AI
3. Scaling from 1-to-N retail stores in 0 time and 0 cost

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Tvarit GmbH is based out of Frankfurt and has developed an AI platform for sensor-data analytics. Tvarit is founded by Suhas Patel (CEO) and Rahul Prapapat (CTO). Tvarit has a team of 12 people mostly data scientists.

Suhas Patel is an advisory board member of TiE Deutschland has worked with technology companies like Qualcomm and Intel for low power IoT devices. Suhas holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Telecommunications.

“The Passionate Technocrat” Rahul Prajapat is CTO at Tvarit GmbH. Rahul holds B.Tech and M. Tech degree from IIT Bombay. He is also a recipient of numerous prestigious awards including CAG by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India for creating ‘Promoting Research and Innovation’ plan, MIT GSW and Web Summit Dublin for technical leadership.


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