Optimize digital marketing campaign according to people’s behaviours

Domain: Media, IoT, Environment, others


The use of the Internet and social networks is constantly expanding changing people’s behaviors and habits. Therefore, digital marketing continues its never stopping growth, looking for new strategies to monetize and optimize profit from digital campaigns. 

The new challenge born from the exigence to mix static digital marketing statistics, with mutable real-time data coming from different sources (such as weather data, local event data, traffic data… etc) in order to predict when people belonging to a specific area are more willing to buy and the launch of a new campaign is more profitable.

Data Combined

Expected outcomes

To determine how local events (such as changing weather condition, traffic jam, sports event etc.) can influence people’s behaviours on digital channels.

Specific output:

    • Decision support system to launch other digital marketing campaigns;
    • Save money launching the campaign the right day, at the right time in a specific region;
    • Increase campaign conversions by promoting the most relevant category to the digital audience.

How do we apply?

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