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HMR – Health Market Research, established in 2009, is dedicated to consulting and developing quantitative and qualitative market research, in the health sector. In particular studies related to industry and trade of medicinal, para-pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetic and veterinary products, as well as providing services and training activities within these studies. A deep knowledge of the market is the first step to deliver unique market insights. It’s that information that takes us further and gives more meaning to all the data and numbers with which we so efficiently analyse the market. Because we believe in the power of knowledge and where it can lead us, it is our mission to provide to our clients a comprehensive knowledge about the markets they operate in, providing a high-quality service, using reliable and consistent information sources and the most advanced technological solutions.

New for 2020


Ibermutua is mutual insurance company, partner with the Social Security at national level in Spain. It provides an assistance network to about 120 own centers and more than 1,000 concerted distributed throughout the country. The services provided: a) Comprehensive protection in the coverage of professional risks: occupational accident and illness and prevention of occupational hazards and improvement of working and health conditions in companies; b) Temporary Disability Management (work leave) due to common illness and non-work accident. Protection for cessation of activity of self-employed or self-employed workers.

The EDI data providers (DPs) are large corporates that work side-by-side with us to propose exciting big data challenges based on real-life scenarios in their day-to-day running, for our top startups to solve throughout the 8-month programme. In 2018 we began with 15 data providers proposing challenges in the following sectors: Energy & Environment (3), Industry 4.0 (2), Internet & Media (3), Retail (2) and Smart Cities (3).

For EDI Call 2 for Startups (after running 1st Open Call for Data Providers), we were honoured to have 5 more prestigious DPs on board. The challenges proposed by the then available 20 DPs span the following: Energy & Environment (7), Finance (1), Gaming (1), Internet & Media (4), Retail (3), Smart Cities (1), Sports (2) and Transport & Logistics (2)

For EDI Call 3 for Startups (after running 2nd Open Call for Data Providers) we managed to recruit 4 new DPs. The challenges proposed by the 24 DPs, affiliated to EDI, span the following: Agri-Food (2), Cross-sector (1), Energy & Environment (3), Finance (2), Gaming (2), Health (2), Internet & Media (4), Retail (2), Sports (2) and Transport & Logistics (2)

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