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New for 2020

Natra Cacao

Natra is the largest Spanish company producer of cocoa and chocolate products. The company maintains a leading position in the manufacture and marketing of these products for the food industry thanks to its extensive experience and deep knowledge in the supply and processing of raw materials.

New for 2020

Grupo AN

Grupo AN is a centenary cooperative and a leader in the Spanish agri-food sector. Grupo AN is a second-degree cooperative formed by 160 agricultural cooperatives and 40,000 farmers and livestock owners. Grupo AN is the largest producer of cereal in Spain. Mainly producers of agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables of worldwide commercial interest, offer the products to consumers in all possible formats: fresh, refrigerated and canned. Grupo AN is also one of the largest operators on the poultry market and an indisputable leader in the supplier market. Grupo AN commercializes fertilizers and fuel, which is distributed in Spain through a network of petrol stations, which are opened to the public. Apart from that Grupo AN also has a network of Processing companies. Some of them are the Industry of Vegetable preserves and the IV & V range processing company.

The EDI data providers (DPs) are large corporates that work side-by-side with us to propose exciting big data challenges based on real-life scenarios in their day-to-day running, for our top startups to solve throughout the 8-month programme. In 2018 we began with 15 data providers proposing challenges in the following sectors: Energy & Environment (3), Industry 4.0 (2), Internet & Media (3), Retail (2) and Smart Cities (3).

For EDI Call 2 for Startups (after running 1st Open Call for Data Providers), we were honoured to have 5 more prestigious DPs on board. The challenges proposed by the then available 20 DPs span the following: Energy & Environment (7), Finance (1), Gaming (1), Internet & Media (4), Retail (3), Smart Cities (1), Sports (2) and Transport & Logistics (2)

For EDI Call 3 for Startups (after running 2nd Open Call for Data Providers) we managed to recruit 4 new DPs. The challenges proposed by the 24 DPs, affiliated to EDI, span the following: Agri-Food (2), Cross-sector (1), Energy & Environment (3), Finance (2), Gaming (2), Health (2), Internet & Media (4), Retail (2), Sports (2) and Transport & Logistics (2)

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