Keyword Categorization

Code: EDI-2020-12-JOT_1 Domain: Internet & Media Summary Based on JOT’s data basis, it is required the massive classification of keyword lists. Due to the analytic approach and worldwide coverage, JOT’s keyword lists include millions of keywords, covering up to 17...

Automatic Chaptering of Video Content

Code: EDI-2020-19-VRT_1 Domain: Internet & Media Summary One of the main challenges related to this is making that content easily retrievable, both for the media user and for our editing teams. In this context, chaptering of news bulletins, but also other...

Facial and Gender Recognition on Video Content

Code: EDI-2020-20-VRT_2 Domain: Internet & Media Summary Automatic metadata generation concerning the experts and interviewees that are part of our daily news bulletin as well as how long they were present on screen. Proposed by   VRT produces a large amount...
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