Credit Card Fraud Detection

Code: EDI-2020-21-YKT Domain: Finance Summary Forecasting fraud transactions of credit card users of YKB with machine learning technics instead of traditional rule-based systems. Credit card fraud means a transaction that is not intentionally performed by the card...

Prediction of Game’s Success

Code: EDI-2020-11-IGT_2 Domain: Gaming Summary To develop a model based upon historical data that may help in predicting the success of a game in advance thereby reducing certain level of uncertainty. Proposed by   International Game Technology (IGT) is a...

Keyword Categorization

Code: EDI-2020-12-JOT_1 Domain: Internet & Media Summary Based on JOT’s data basis, it is required the massive classification of keyword lists. Due to the analytic approach and worldwide coverage, JOT’s keyword lists include millions of keywords, covering up to 17...
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