Optimisation of traffic flow in Berlin

Code: EDI-2018-7-TUB Domain: Smart Cities Summary Optimisation of the traffic flow of vehicles, public transportation and pedestrians in the city of Berlin. Proposed by Technische Universitaet Berlin. The DAI-Labor at the Technische Universität Berlin performs...

Supply chain optimisation

Code: EDI-2018-8-SONAE Domain: Retail Summary Improve existing levels of security stock and wastage due to excess stock, while improving or at least maintaining current out-of-stock levels. Proposed by Sonae Center Serviços II, S.A. is a leader in the Portuguese...

Thermal power plant smart management

Code: EDI-2018-10-VW_1 Domain: Industry 4.0 Summary Improving energy efficiency in natural gas consumption by optimising thermal power plant operation, adjusting starts and stops according to plant heat demands. Proposed by Volkswagen Navarra S.A, located in Pamplona...
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