Predictive Model of Churn Rate

Code: EDI-2019-1-EDP Domain: Energy & Environment Summary Identify the cancellation of a given service and/or energy supply contract by customers before it happens. Proposed by   EDP is a company that leads in the energy sector. In Spain, EDP is present in...

IoT in Retail

Code: EDI-2019-10-MIGROS Domain: Retail Summary Use the gathered IoT data in order to understand the customer behavior Proposed by   Migros is one of the largest FMCG retailers in Turkey. With more than 2000 stores and 30.000 employees, Migros is also the pioneer...

Keyword Categorization

Code: EDI-2019-8-JOT_1 Domain: Internet & Media Summary Massive classification of keyword lists. Proposed by   JOT Internet Media is part of Cube Ventures, one of the leading digital groups in Europe. Based in Madrid and with offices in Germany, Mexico,...
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