Curious about what happened at the final event of EDI EXPERIMENT Phase, round 3? After two days of hard work, great pitches and a lot of emotional moments, 9 lucky teams were chosen to continue their path to the final EVOLVE phase.

Day 1: Coaching and technical evaluation

On the morning of 17th February 2021, the EDI teams that were part of EXPERIMENT Phase met through a ZOOM conference and were welcomed for the final 2-day stretch of the EDI ‘EXPERIMENT phase. Regretfully due to COVID-19 we were not able to host the event physically at University of Deusto; only the coordination team was able to chair the event from its premises.  However, despite the physical distance of all teams we felt very close to each other! Coaches and consortium members showcased high level of energy and made a friendly, productive, and fun event.  

The day started early at 9am, with every team willing to take the last opportunity to improve their pitches and guarantee they would deliver their results in the best possible way. The startups/companies met with their coaches and data providers, through videoconference, for a last review of their results and to get some feedback on their MVPs.

In the afternoon, the startups went on for the first challenge of the two-day event: the technical evaluations. At this moment, everything they had done during EDI EXPERIMENT Phase was analysed, questioned, and evaluated according to pre-defined criteria, such as use of EDI data, scalability and sustainability.

It was an intense challenge, but the first obstacle was over and so was the first day! 

After a sleepless night for some of the most nervous participants, the big day had arrived: it was Pitching Day!

One after the other, all 18 startups concurring gave their best from their offices. Teams connected through a ZOOM videoconference hosted by the project coordination and where the 3-business jury panel member were present. The event was streamed publicly through YouTube.  Every pitch was followed by a set of questions made by the evaluators, regarding their sustainability, their value proposition and what did they need to reach the next level. The agenda of Day 2, i.e. 18th February 2021 was as follows:

Despite the physical distance the great presentations offered by the companies and the challenging questions posed by the jury panel made the event dynamic, engaging and entertaining. It was very easy to follow even though we were together for 8 hours.  Below, are the 18 teams taking part in the EXPERIMENT final event:


Amplify Analytics


ID Ward



Advanced Infrastructure



Rebase Energy


Creation Labs



Fractal Mind




You can have a look to the profiles of the 18 participating companies by visiting the companies’ portfolio of round 3: https://edincubator.eu/startups-2020/   

The tension in the ZOOM channel was palpable at the end of Day 2, since every participant knew what a big moment was: their pitch was the last step between them and the EVOLVE stage of EDI, which would allow them to embark on a 2-month phase of launching their MVP into the market, including continuous expert support, and mentoring by the incubator program.

Finally, it was time for the big announcement! The startups who were crowned the winners were:

Rather than a crown, winners were given a precious Basque beret, a trophy given in the Basque Country to winners of championships. All teams will be receiving their corresponding berets and trophies by post in the following days.  

Are you interested in taking part in a next generation data incubator? If so, please follow the steps of the follow-up H2020 REACH incubator!

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