It’s been two days since the EDI Datathon 2020 ended and we are still feeling the amazing energy that irradiated from our screens on the 19th and 20th of October! 36 companies entered EDI third incubation round, but only 18 were selected to continue to the Experiment phase. Meet our winners!


Some events are bound to stay in the memories of their participants, and the EDI Datathon 2020 was certainly one of them. The energy was in top levels throughout the whole event, the startups were eager to show their worth and deliver great pitches, the logistics and organisation were flawless.

On the 19th of October, André Dalichau and Jeremias Hammerstein, our partners from etventure, welcomed the participants in a virtual conference room, and the mood was set. The event brought together our bright portfolio with expert pitching mentors, the jury, members of the EDI partner consortium from all over Europe and our data providers, who were all eager to connect and meet each other.


What happened at the Datathon?

After a warm welcome by the EDI team, the startups and SMEs were divided by rooms to engage with their data providers and the tech jury, to present their solutions and have a talk about the path they want to take. The data providers had a chance to get to know the teams better and to start fomenting a strong relationship, that will be vital during the next few months. The tech jury provided some insights to improve their chances of success, by analysing some of their components and giving improvement suggestions.

Throughout the day, the companies shared their setups and team photos, showing that the mood couldn’t be better – just see for yourself:

Pitching Day has finally arrived!

The second day of the Datathon was a very intense experince for all the involved: the startups and SMEs were both excited and nervous to impress with their pitches; the tech jury was overwelmed by all the great solutions pitched, having evaluated 36 companies in just one day; the EDI team was working hard to make sure everything went smoothly and according to plan.

The pitches went on and each company did their best to impress the jury. A wide range of solutions were presented, from the media and marketing sector (with a focus on storytelling, content marketing, video developing, keyword categorization, and others) to the environmental sector (water consumption monitoring) or the mobility sector (electric cars charging points, multimodal transport services), among many others.

From the 36 startups and SMEs, only 18 could go through the next EDI phase, Experiment. The decision was not easy, but after a long evaluation session, both the tech jury and the consortium members came up to a final pool of 18 companies that would advance for stage 2 of EDI.

After a nerve-wrecking pause, the startups and SMEs were welcomed back. It was time to announce the winners, and you could feel the tension on the virtual auditorium. Every company was glued to the screen, hoping to hear their name as one of the selected companies to go through to the Experiment phase. Finally, André Dalichau started announcing the 18 chosen ones, and the companies couldn’t be happier!


And the winners are…

What’s coming next?

The 18 companies selected for the Experiment phase will have a lot on their plates for the next few months – they will focus on developing the ideas started at the ‘Explore’ stage, creating products that can be tested on their market fit, and finally begin attracting investment. Working closing with their data providers, they will have mentors accompanying every step of their journey and helping them get the most of our incubation programme. In the meantime, the startups and SMEs will also have access to relevant webinars in areas such as pitching, business models, communications, and branding, which will allow them to refine their skills.

The kick-off to the Experiment phase will have place online, on the 2nd and 3rd October 2020 – see you there!


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