On October 19 and 20, the 36 startups and SMEs selected for the third (and final) batch of EDI will be part of European’s Data Incubator final event for the Explore phase: the Datathon! 36 companies entered EDI third incubation round, but only 18 will carry on to the Experiment phase. Stakes are high, good luck to all!


The European Data Incubator has selected the brightest Big Data startups and SMEs to join its third batch, and what a great selection that was! Thirty six companies are now on board of the EDI train, getting ready to work hard with their mentors and colaborating with their Data Providers to make their solutions shine.

On 19 and 20 of October, our 36 companies will participate in their first EDI big event: the 2020 Datathon! Due to the current worldwide situation and the travel restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event had to be adapted to an online format, instead of the initial plan of having it face-to-face in etventure’s headquearters in Berlin. This compromises the experience in a certain way, but the EDI consortium took measures to ensure that the event will be of great value to all participants, and has been working hard to make the event light and enjoyable!


What’s going to happen at the Datathon?

Two full days await our startups and SMEs, and they are in for a great experience. On the first day of our online event, the companies will have the chance to meet their Data Providers, in an informal setting that will allow them to talk, understand each others potential and expectations, and create the right mood for a strong, nice partnership throughout the programme.

In this first day, the startups will also meet the tech jury, which will give them some guidance on their solutions and pitches, to improve even further their chances for success. The only bad news about the day? Instead of trying some German delicassies, all participants will have to have lunch in their own houses!

The image above shows the EDI startups from the previous batch on their Bilbao final event

The second day of the Datathon will be a nerve-recking one: from the 36 startups and SMEs, only 18 will go through the next EDI phase, Experiment. The decision will be up to the tech jury, that will analyse all candidates and evaluate them according to pre-defined criteria that stands in three pillars: Technical Evaluation, Business Evaluation, and Team Evaluation. Aspects such as the degree of innovation of the technical solution, the presentation skills and style, and the team experience building business/startups will be reviewed, among many others.

The startups will have the opportunity to impress the jury with their pitches, and will end the day knowing if they are going to the Experiment Phase of EDI, or if their path ends there – either way, a lot has been learnt already through EDI workshops, and we are pround of all our companies.


Stay tuned and follow the EDI Datathon

You can follow the EDI Datathon on our social media networks, where we will be sharing content throughout the event and showing off our lovely startups and SMEs!

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