On July 9, more than 270 viewers joined EDI’s Demo Day online event, to hear from our top startups & discuss how to shape a European Data Economy that sustainably provides a breeding ground for innovation.

On the 09th of July, at 16h30 CEST, all eyes were on the EDI Demo Day online event. Over 270 people joined the streaming of the event, that proved once again that the fact that people have to be physically distant does not mean that they cannot connect, learn from each other and network.

The event was presented by André Dalichau, project manager at etventure and member of EDI consortium. André made a brief introduction to the subject that was going to be discussed for the next hour: What is the future of Data Startups in Europe? How to shape a European Data Economy tat sustainability provides a breeding ground for innovation?

After the introduction, the key note speaker – Fabian Westerheide, one of Europe’s most notorious Big Data and AI experts – was presented and took over the stage, in a passionate speech about the world of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, focusing on its use by countries like China and the USA, and the way Europe approaches it.

For one hour, Fabian Westerheide delighted the viewers with an overview of how Big Data and AI are used nowadays, focusing on what are the next steps that have to be taken in Europe to make sure that these are leveraged and used to improve people’s lives.


During the discussion, it became clear that China, with its bold investors and AI ecosystem, is currently the number one player. Europe is tackling that field differently, we have an established industry, cultural diversity, and a pool of knowledge, but still fear the impact of AI.

You could say that everything is ready. We just have to handle it the right way with a clear strategy without fear. Politics has to be positive about AI and data. Regulation should keep us safe, not small.


How should the European market be protected?

In Fabian Westerheide’s opinion, there are several measures that should be taken to ensure the protection of the Europen AI market:

  • Governments should stop with the high taxation
  • There should be more data within easy reach, and the possibility to use it more freely
  • There should be an investment in talent, by creating advantages for people in the sector to live and work in Europe
  • Regulation should be used not to make us small, but to protect us

We are all in this – the future is already there, it is important that we act now”, Fabian said, referring to the power of data, if there was a higher liberalization on its access and use. “Let us use AI for a better future for society. Let us use AI so that no one has to work again, let’s end poverty, let’s let people be free”.

Following the keynote, the top 8 EDI startups pitched their solutions, developed throughout our incubation programme and with the help of our mentors and data providers:

1. Orbem (Miguel Molina Romero)
2. Tvarit (Suhas Patel)
3. Bettair Cities (Josep Perelló)
4. Waterjade (Matteo Dall’Amico)
5. Feelingstream (Lauri Ilison)
6. Sensei (Vasco Portugal)
7. SMAP Energy (Paul Monroe)
8. Aindo (Daniele Panfilo)

The event was very dynamic, allowing viewers to pose questions in a chat group throughout the event, both to Fabian and the EDI startups. Some polls were also added along the event, to engage people to interact and share their views on the subjects being discussed. The event was live tweeted both in European Data Incubator’s twitter and etventure’s one:


EDI was several times mentioned as a great example of the type of programme that helps data startups to grow and allows a good connection between data providers and startups, facilitating the access to data and, consequently, innovative solutions in the field. As Miguel Molina Romero from startup Orbem stated: “With the help of the EDI we are unleashing the power of data for good”.

What a great event this was, indeed! Whether you didn’t have a chance to watch the stream or you liked it so much and you want seconds, here is the recording of the event:

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