Are you a Big Data startup?

Join EDI and get up to €100K, a dedicated mentor and work side-by-side with a large corporate

Applications are open!

European Data Incubator is looking for 35 promising Big Data startups and SMEs to take part in their next round of incubation.

The programme takes startups through three intense phases of growth over eight months, from August 2020 – April 2021, with a combination of online sessions and physical meetings in Bilbao and Berlin.

What’s in it for me?

EDI will give you:

The chance to grow

not only as a startup, but also a team. After joining our programme, our startups have gone on to receive investment, develop their business in a new way and employ new team members.

A dedicated mentor

who will be with you every step of the EDI programme, communicating with you online and meeting with you face to face at our physical events in Bilbao and Berlin. All of our mentors are experts in their field and have a wealth of experience acting as coaches to startups like yours.

The chance to work side-by-side with a corporate

in a supportive environment, working together to solve their Big Data challenge. This unique situation provides you the chance to really collaborate on an in-depth project, and could lead to a fruitful and long-term relationship even after the programme has finished.

The opportunity to create and launch a new product or service

that could even be a new business line for you or something that you were already thinking of working on. If you choose our ‘Half and Half’ challenge or ‘Free choice’ challenge, you have the freedom to decide what kind of Big Data challenge and data set you are working on


Up to €100,000 equity-free funding.

Major visibility

for your startup, through promotion in EDI and partners’ channels and as part of the Big Data Value PPP European initiative.

Hear it from our alumni

Our previous participants have said that EDI has not only given them the chance to solve a challenge and create a new product, but also grow the business as a whole:

The entire EDI programme is an incredible opportunity to grow as a company. Working on tight delivery deadlines while taking care of the many startup duties gives you the chance to develop a very steep learning curve.


Participating in the EDI Experiment stage has helped us grow significantly. Most importantly, we evolved from lab-based results to an actual computational MVP that can handle the large data streams required by our customer.


EDI allows the participants to work hands-on with real-world data, which is a possibility that startups rarely have


How does it work?

Interested startups and SMEs will solve a challenge during the incubation programme. This year’s open call allows for 3 types of application tracks:

Track 1 - Ready-made challenge

A ‘ready-made’ challenge pre-set by EDI, with options by large corporates in the fields of IoT, transport, sports, gaming, media, energy and the environment, fraud detection, smart cities, retail, and finance. Our companies are established in their markets and can offer you the chance to connect with the sector in a new way, creating long-term relationships beyond the end of the project. 

Track 2 - Half and half challenge

Bring your own challenge, but solve it using one EDI data set and one external data set. 

Track 3 - Free choice challenge

You are free to propose your own challenge, and solve it working with your own data provider and external data set.

So, is your Big Data startup ready to grow?

Applications are open until 17th of June! Read the Guidelines for Application to ensure you know everything there is to know about European Data Incubator before applying!


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