Code: EDI-2020-15-NATRA

Domain: Agri-Food


Analyse and improve the energetic efficiency of the production plant.

Proposed by


Natra is the largest Spanish company producer of cocoa and chocolate products. The company maintains a leading position in the manufacture and marketing of these products for the food industry thanks to its extensive experience and deep knowledge in the supply and processing of raw materials.


Natra is a producer of Cocoa derivatives with a high commitment towards sustainability. Its plant in Valencia, Natra Cacao, produces both liquid and solid chocolate for finished goods manufacturers, who process and pack the products.
The challenge is to analyse the following information of a part of the plant:

  • currents of the 3rd phase + Neutral (A)
    power factor
  • active power (kW)
  • consumption (kWh)

Sampled each 5’ for 6 months (47317 registers), and extract conclusions and opportunities for cost and energy savings that Natra did not detect yet.



The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

Expected outcomes

Reduce 10-15% energy consumption without additional investments and expenses, at least on a theoretical basis.

Have less than 1 year pay-back in any decision to take. It will be possible to obtain more registers to contrast the suggestions proposed, if they are accepted and implemented.

The results may come from the analysis of behaviours among different shifts, hours of the day, etc.

It will be necessary to analyse the possible correlations among the information given (the one available in the description of the challenge) and other information coming from external sources (temperatures and humidity from Eumetsat / Meteosat, e.g.).

How do we apply?

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