Meet MobyGIS, one of the 8 top EDI startups progressing to the Evolve stage! The company joined European Data Incubator with the project Waterjade, on a mission to find the answer to a crucial question: how much water is there and when will it become available?

Can you tell us how you came to your Startup idea? We would also love to know more about your team, what makes your dynamic so promising and impactful?

Everything started from the snow. Since I was a child, I’ve always considered the snow some kind of magic, that has the power to transform the landscape into something magnificent. In order to pursue this passion, I eventually completed a PhD in snow modeling and hydrology in the University of Trento. And from these studies I realised how important water is for our society and how Global Warming is changing the pattens of water availability.

In the University, I also paid great attention to entrepreneurship and met very skilled young people that shared my vision. The idea of creating Waterjade came straightforward.

What makes your solution unique? What is the impact you are trying to achieve?

Our technology Waterjade is a new concept of mathematical models, mixing artificial intelligence and physically based tools, that allow us to monitor water resources at large scale and predict water discharge in rivers. Differently from state-of-the-art technology, it follows the whole water cycle, from the snow in the mountains to the water in the valley, and so it can be applied to all climatic regimes and local conditions.

What challenge have you selected for the EDI incubation programme and why did you choose it? 

We have chosen the challenge provided by EMASESA: the water utility of the municipality of Seville in Spain. Due to Global Warming, the South of Spain is characterized by an unstable water regime, with frequent periods of droughts. Water is thus a precious resource that needs to be predicted in advance, in order to optimize its use and avoid conflicts. We immediately understood that our solution could be developed to address these requirements.


For a few months now, you have been working hard in the EDI Experiment stage, developing your Big Data solution even further. Can you please elaborate on your progress and how have you evolved during the acceleration process? How was your experience working with your Data Provider?  

The experience was very positive in all aspects. First, we could have access to highly skilled training and consultancy on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data solutions. These were crucial to technically implement a solution that could be applied to our test case but could also eventually be scalable to multiple users. Second, we could analyse also the business model and envision possible options, like SaaS or Service. Finally, the interaction with our data provider EMASESA was very fruitful. They were very active sharing the data with us and giving us their requirements. We also went to Seville to visit the plants and technically discuss vis-a-vis. And, by the way, Seville is a beautiful city.


For a startup, European Data Incubator is a unique opportunity to find real challenges from big corporations and start working a specified problem.

After joining and benefiting from the tools EDI provided you, what is your next step? 

The next step will be to consolidate the solution with EMASESA after EDI incubator. We want to put all our strength in satisfying their requirements and to offer them a robust solution. Then we want to analyse the market of Water Utilities and find new opportunities in municipalities that share the same need. Finally, we want to improve our IT and Big Data infrastructure to accommodate multiple users.

Finally, what would you say to a startup considering applying to EDI?

I highly recommend the EDI incubation programme. For a startup, it is a unique opportunity to find real challenges from big corporations and start working a specified problem. Furthermore, the organizing consortium is very active in providing training and helping out with possible issues. I would say it is really TOP.

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