EDI has been alive and well for two years now, and so much has happened since!

More than 600 StartUps have applied for European Data Incubation so far: 121 in the first incubation programme and 490 in the second one. From those, only the ones with the best results got to pass to the next phase, ensuring high competition among the startups and high innovativeness of the novel solutions.

EDI is a three-phase incubator programme (Explore, Experiment and Evolve) which is conducted three times along the project (one more to go!). By entering the program, selected Startups will receive the following great benefits:


  • up to €100k in equity-free funding
  • mentoring
  • workshops
  • access to a free cloud environment
  • the chance to connect with and be recognised by major European organizations

What has changed in EDI so far?

In the first incubation round of EDI, there was only one way to apply – choose a challenge proposed by our data providers. For the second round of incubation, EDI opened up two new ways to apply in order to give startups and SMEs more freedom to innovate:

Pick one of our ‘ready-made’ challenges, where the challenge, data sets and data providers are all pre-defined by us, ready for you to solve!

Bring your own challenge, but solve it using one EDI data set and one external data set

You are free to propose your own challenge, and solve it working with your own data provider and external data sets

Meet the StartUps that joined EDI

First Incubation Programme

From the 121 StartUps that applied for the first incubation programme of European Data Incubator, only 30 made the cut: BEAD, Aiception, Bigda Solutions, Pycno, SmartCat, Deep Data Analytics, InnoConnect, MorphL, Solvent, LIS-Solutions, InoSens, Zylk, EnergySequence, Katoid, Amigo, Optimus Price, Statice, Directing, ANSWARE, Inovalabs, Accelogress, Leapcraft, Carmetry, Argusi, Tera, Theam, Pragma-IoT, Ciclogreen, Modio  , SummarizeBot

From the 18 StartUps that have entered the Experiment Phase, only EDI Startups and progressed to Evolve, the last Phase of the programme: Lis Solutions, Amigo Climate, Ciclo Green, Bigda Solutions, Morph L, Leapcraft

Second Incubation Programme

Meet the Data Providers that joined EDI

What is happening next?

In Experiment Phase, the Startups have been working with the goal of taking their ‘big data’ solutions to the next level, collaborating closely with their coaches and Data Providers. In the 4-month incubation phase (November 2018 – February 2019), the StartUps have created their MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) and have received a plethora of growth supporting services.

With the EDI Experiment Phase coming to an end, a final event is coming up on the 17th and 18th of February. In Bilbao, 18 Startups will have a chance to pitch and showcase their solution and organisational development to a panel of judges, who will evaluate them according to a number of criteria, such as sustainability, use of EDI data, and scalability.

In the 2-month ‘Evolve’ phase, the Startups will focus on launching their MVP into the market, receiving additional expert support and mentoring and coming on a a final trip to Berlin. By the time they finish with the Evolve phase 8 Teams will receive additional 15K EUR of equity free.

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