On 9-10 October the first stage of the European Data Incubator 2019, ‘Explore’ came to an end as the 40 selected startups competed to progress to the next stage, ‘Experiment’. Taking place at EDI partner etventure’s Berlin office, the event brought together our bright portfolio with expert pitching mentors, the jury, members of the EDI partner consortium from all over Europe and our prestigious panel of 20 data providers.


A launchpad for both our startups and data providers to delve deeper into the programme, the finale of the ‘Explore’ stage was two action-packed days of intensive mentoring, 1-on-1 meetings and pitching. We saw 40 startups narrow down to 18, as the cohort fought for their place at the next stage: ‘Experiment’.

Day 1: Mentor’s the word

Day 1 of the Datathon focused on intensive mentoring sessions for our budding Big Data companies, giving training on how to refine that all important pitch deck, as well as the chance for the startups to meet with our prestigious panel of 20 data providers, including 5 new additions for 2019 – EDP, EMT Valencia, IGT, NIPE FAGIO and World Athletics. These meetings marked the all important chance for the startups and data providers to get to know each other much better, identifying the key alignments between them and refining their ideas.

Pitches practiced and perfected, face to face meetings done, day 1 closed. The only thing to do then was rest up and be prepared for the heats on day 2!


Day 2: Pitch practice makes perfect

Coming together for day 2 in front of a panel of expert judges; Xin Chen, etventure and Lisa Groiss, Skillster as well as EDI’s very own Diego Lopez de Ipiña Gonzalez de Artaza from the University of Deusto, and etventure’s André Dalichau, the 40 chosen young companies readied themselves for a momentous day of pitching to make it through to the next round. All teams were evaluated on both their technical expertise and the quality of their solutions, as well as their business prowess.

AI and machine learning underpinned most of the solutions presented, covering a plethora of industries and applications.

Marketing tools were a key focus, with CYC Analytics, LiveTech, Dative, Ensac, IntelSoft, Feelingstream and Ghostwriter by You Are My Guide building customer churn and prediction models, customer listening tools and behaviour analytics with the promise to take the headache out of data for large corporations. sensifai and Heldenkombinat were also looking to innovate on the future of video, with AI recognition and semantic analysis.

Environmental solutions also proved to be a strong theme, with companies like Jetware, Waterjade, Daiad, Bdestas, Improving Metrics and Binary Brains addressing predictions in water flow and demand, driving access to safe water and scenario mapping for flooding. Bettair, Builtrix and Sensinov were also looking to improve air quality and energy efficiency in buildings, whilst Actum4 took aim at reducing noise pollution. Other environmental solutions included Orbem’s AI driven food wastage reduction platform, Energenius’ energy monitoring and Novamet’s transformative process for more energy efficient aluminum recycling.

In the mobility sector we saw Capte making buses smart, SPCInnovation improving vehicle breakdown assistance and Anadue developing their congestion prediction tool.

With these innovative solutions and many more looking to change the game for our prestigious data providers, the pitches created a buzz in the etventure office and beyond.

 The results are in!

After a suspenseful wait as the jury deliberated, finally the results were in – and the 18 lucky startups announced:



Tvarit GmbH



SMAP Energy












CYC Analytics

22 leaving the programme but not without the insights and training provided by the first stage of EDI; 18 moving forward to ‘Experiment’. From here the next challenge for participants will be to refine the ideas developed at the ‘Explore’ stage into real products that can be tested on their market fit, and finally begin attracting investment. The Datathon was a successful start for both sides to get deeper into the projects, and to pave the way for the corporates get exciting, innovative solutions to their problems. Congratulations again to our lucky 18! Catch up on all the action with the photo gallery and recap video here:

The next phase was the kick-off of the Experiment phase in Bilbao, stay tuned for news of what happened!

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