Travelling from Spain, Denmark, Italy and the UK, these top 6 EDI startups arrived in Berlin to demo the products/services that they created through EDI, and to celebrate the final of the European Data Incubator.

Startup Dictionary: What is a Demo Day?

A Demo Day is the chance for startups to show all that they’ve achieved (in this case, through EDI) to an interested audience of investors, potential partners, journalists, and startup collaborators. They have the chance to pitch, answer questions live, as well as have a stand to demonstrate the physical technology they have produced. Taking place in Berlin, this demo day allowed our startups to meet players in the Berlin startup scene, as well as increase visibility internationally.

Meet the startups

These 6 startups joined the European Data Incubator in August 2018, having beaten 170+ applicants to get a spot in the programme.

Starting at the ‘Explore’ stage, they formulated their first responses to the EDI challenges, starting to form relationships with their data providers, had some first tries at pitching and received support and up to 5K.

In November 2018, alongside 16 other teams they were selected to go through to the ‘Experiment’ stage, where they had 4 months of creating a MVP (minimum viable product) to launch into the market, receiving mentoring, training and up to €80K for this phase of incubation.

Finally, they presented their final concepts to a panel of judges in Bilbao, and only 6 startups were selected from 16 startups to take part in this final stage of the European Data Incubator.

On 6 May, these companies arrived in Berlin to gather at Wavespace Berlin, a new and innovative space in the center of the city that helps startups to flourish. Here they had a day of practicing their Demo Day pitches, getting feedback from their data providers and sharing their journeys with each other.

The real show started though on 7 May, for the Demo Day itself.

An audience of startups, entrepreneurs, accelerator and incubator representatives, investors and mentors gathered at Wavespace to watch the teams’ final pitches, and hear about how to join the next round of EDI.

After each pitch, the mic was handed over to members of the audience to ask questions about their business models, how they intend to scale and how their product/service has responded to the EDI challenges set by the data providers.

An inspirational talk was given by Julie Strobach!

After the event, the startups had the chance to network, meet VCs, and celebrate all that they have achieved with the European Data Incubator!

A big thank you to the startups, mentors and data providers who took part, and we are already excited for the next round!

Sounds interesting? You could join EDI and grow your business too!


Applications close on Wednesday 19 June, 12 (noon) CEST

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