Code: EDI-2019-3-EMTV

Domain: Transport & Logistics


Improvement of the internal operations to deliver a better service to users.

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EMT Valencia is the Municipal Transport Company of Valencia that provides public transport by bus in the city of Valencia (Spain) and the towns of Alboraia, Alfara del Patriarca, Burjassot, Moncada, Tavernes Blanques, Sueca, and Vinalesa. It belongs to the City Council of Valencia.


The Valencian EMT is the urban bus company from Valencia. This city hast 1 million inhabitants and the bus company has more than 1.200 drivers, 450 buses and around 200.000 bus trips per day.

EMTV is interested in the improvement of the internal operations to deliver a better service to users.

Given the historical data on how buses move around the city, the pass by stop times, the validations made in each stop and the delays in the exit time; the challenge is to develop an analytics engine making use of sensory data to create models for different times and road segments. This analytics engine must provide tools to understand and use the created data.



The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

Expected outcomes

It is expected that the solution will optimize the job of the route planners and the supervisors, what will produce a reduction of the waiting time for the users. The solution has to:

  • Offer real time recommendations in order to maximize the use of the resources available during the operation:
    • Reduction of the bus stopped time
    • Increment of the operational speed
    • Reduction of the schedule breakouts
    • Avoid vehicle failure
  • Provide a report that helps to understand the traveler’s movement and a better definition of their future behavior to improve the lines planning
  • Report on areas where improvement can be achieved
  • Early alerts on any remarkable operational deviations.

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