Code: EDI-2019-2-ELEKLJ

Domain: Energy & Environment


Detect errors on measurements using consumption data

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The Elektro Ljubljana Group has been ensuring that electric power serves Slovenians and leads consistently toward development. The company installed Slovenia’s very first public lighting at the end of the 19th century, and today continues innovating, powering the development and establishment of electric mobility.


One of the most important things for electrical energy systems are measurements.

Mistakes on measurement places with high consumption (power over 43 kW) are very expensive so it is very important to detect them fast. Data from smart meters give the company a chance to control measurements remotely and to detect faster errors such as errors on voltage or current measurement connections, errors on measurement transformers, parameters errors on smart meters, etc.

With the increase of data collected, the cost of analysis also increases. So, the challenge is to detect errors on measurements just with the data consumption analysis of measurement places with highest consumption (power over 43 kW) to predict consumption in the future and check every day automatically derogations between predicted and real consumption and with these control measurements. 



The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

Expected outcomes

Using a new remote measurements control will help ELEK-LJ to detect all potential errors that can cost many 100 000 € per measurement place in a long time period. So, the expected outcomes are:

  • Detect remotely more errors and detect them faster:
  • In case of maintenance on field if something went wrong
  • In case of errors on smart meters, measurement connections/transformers

New remote measurements control will be good background to check that everything is ok when the parameters on smart meters are changed remotely by ELEK-LJ.

Also, ELEK-LJ expects to lower the data related costs, process and analysis. So, the result will be in saving money and optimizing the work.


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