Code: EDI-2019-9-JOT_2

Domain: Internet & Media


Identify behavior patterns in digital campaigns through the analysis of the main performance indicators.

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JOT Internet Media is part of Cube Ventures, one of the leading digital groups in Europe. Based in Madrid and with offices in Germany, Mexico, Brazil and Italy and more than 280 employees, the group is focused on lead generation, services monetization, digital marketing, media and investments.


The aim is to identify behavior patterns in digital campaigns through the analysis of the main performance indicators, like clicks, impressions, CTR and their relationship with categories from Google. Also, to analyse which keywords are used by users and the volume they have, trying to define future impacts.

In addition, there are also other reasons that cause different searches to appear, such as the location, the month of the year, external events or the category they belong to. This challenge tries to identify those causes and to define some patterns that help the online account managers to take advantage of this knowledge and to add these behaviors in their optimization actions.



The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

Expected outcomes

The goal of the challenge is the identification of non-trivial temporal patterns identifying which are the most relevant keywords (interests) depending on the day, month or season and the location, which can be used by digital marketing accounts to optimize the marketing budget consumption. In particular, to detect the periods where a specific set of keywords and categories are more relevant through the year, decreasing the specification from month to day level.

 The main parameters to evaluate that, will be the following:

  1. Increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of the digital campaigns by 15%.
  2. Increase number of clicks in related campaigns by 10 %.

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