Code: EDI-2019-4-ENERGA

Domain: Energy & Environment


Determining the load profile for energy metering points (MP)

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ENERGA-OPERATOR SA distributes electricity (DSO-Distribution System Operator). The company was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Gdansk, Poland. ENERGA-OPERATOR SA operates as a subsidiary of ENERGA SA.


The aim of the task is to develop an algorithm for determining the load profile for energy metering points (MP), customers connected to the DSO network that do not have load profile in the DSO measurement system.

The sum of all MPs should reflect the demand of consumers for energy in each hour of the day, in the area indicated by the DSO and not exceed the total demand for electricity by the DSO in the indicated area.



The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

Expected outcomes

Determination of hourly values should take place for MP:

  1. having a remote data transmission meter and with the possibility of recording load profile, but for some reason these data have not been registered in the measurement system,
  2. not having a meter with remote data transmission and without recording load profile.
  3. MPs representing energy consumption from customers connected to the DSO network, in various tariff groups,
  4. MP representing electricity producers connected to the DSO network.
  5. MP with a history of load profile,
  6. MP without the history of load profile, having only the data from registers read by field service,
  7. MP without the history of load profile, and without the data from registers read by field service. (objects newly connected to the DSO network in the indicated area).

Additionally, the algorithm for determining load profile in MP must take into account the demand of the indicated DSO area, so that the sum of energy values in an hour from all MPs is not greater than the demand for the indicated DSO area at a given hour.

The data should be determined in the day n for the day n-1, and should reflect the consumption of the customer in an hour or energy introduced by the producer to the DSO network.

The presented algorithm should also take into account corrections of real readings in the measurement system and automatically introduce changes in the final result.

The difference between the total demand of a given DSO area and the demand determined from the sum of data in the MP hour in the indicated area is equal to the energy losses in this area.

Data designated as part of the use of the modelled algorithm should be marked in the system by a separate status and highlighted from the actual data.

The task is considered to be the presentation of an algorithm in the form of a document along with a graphical presentation of the results in which the indicated demand for the indicated area of DSO will be presented, and the demand of customers designated from the sum of all PPE for each hour of the day, not exceeding the total demand of the indicated area of DSO. Presenting results on the IT environment.

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