Code: EDI-2019-14-SONAE_2

Domain: Retail


Assessing the profile and categories of consumption at the different stages of the customer lifecycle.

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Sonae MC is the market leader in food retail in Portugal, with a track record of over 30 years of consistent growth on the back of expanding the store footprint, managing a highly diversified portfolio of banners, formats and channels and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency.


The food retail current setting is highly competitive in which the players compete in every stance for customer preference. This extreme competition pushes retailers to expand their focus on customer insight and knowledge creation processes. Data on consumer behaviour is critical as a basis for retailers to adapt their assortments, prices and promotions to each customer in order to maximize their profit.

Knowing who is the consumer and how we can promote their loyalty to the brand is a critical asset in a saturated market in which competitors are battling hard for the consumer preference.

Sonae is the food retail leader in Portugal and its loyalty card has the largest user base in the country, which constitutes an important asset to differentiate itself from competitors.

By assessing the profile and categories of consumption at the different stages of the customer lifecycle, Sonae is expecting to identify which categories are the key gateways for customer acquisition and engagement and develop initiatives to promote their loyalty to the brand.


The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

Expected outcomes

  • Identification of the categories which are gateways for new customers
  • Identification of the customer journey from their first purchase to maximum engagement
  • Stabilization periods: factors and timings

As a result of the above, SONAE expects to increase the total of loyal customers in 10%

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