Code: EDI-2019-ALL

Domain: Open


Propose your own challenge making use of at least two datasets: one dataset from the EDI Data Catalogue and one external dataset.ion.

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This “discovery” challenge is oriented to capture the ideas that proposers may have about the solutions that could be built based on data provided in the EDI data catalogue combined with external data. There are some rules that need to be accomplished in order to fit in the challenge:

  • A minimum of two (2) datasets must be used, and one (1) of the them must be from EDI data catalogue. The datasets will be identified in the proposal form.
  • The datasets external to EDI need to comply with GDPR regulations and need the legal permission to be included in a commercial solution.



The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

All datasets are available in our data catalogue at https://data.edincubator.eu

Expected outcomes

  • Innovative products and services based on the mixture of data coming from EDI data catalogue and from external sources
  • Revolutionary concepts and combinations that untap hidden benefits for a data provider


How do we apply?

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