Code: EDI-2019-FREE

Domain: Open


Bring your own data provider, use external datasets, and propose your own challenge. You will need to apply to EDI hand in hand with your data provider.

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Are you in contact with a company that owns big amounts of data and is willing to grant you access and use? Has that company a challenge that could be solved using this data? If this is your case, apply to this challenge.

Propose your own challenge making use of the dataset/s provided by a data provider external to EDI.

This open challenge is oriented to capture the ideas that proposers may have about the solutions that could be built based on data external to EDI.

There are some rules that need to be accomplished in order to fit in the challenge:

  • Your data provider will need to be formally involved in EDI. Read the Guidelines for Applicants for further details.
  • Compliance with GDPR regulations and rights for commercial use will be checked during the evaluation process.



You will use data provided by your own data provider. A sample of the data will be checked by EDI at proposal stage, but it is not provided by EDI data catalogue and the sample will not be public.

Expected outcomes

Innovative products and services based on data coming from new data providers and new domains.

How do we apply?

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