Ibon Salbidegoitia is the technical manager of Bigda Solutions. He was born in Vitoria, Spain. He loves programming and learning from different technical blogs which are the last tendencies on big data and artificial intelligence technologies. “To be innovative you must keep updated.”

Can you tell us how the idea for your startup began and about your team, where you are from, and where you work? 

Bigda Solutions team wants to introduce a disruptive energy platform in the industry. They are energy efficiency lovers, so coming from a company that provides meteorological services to renewable energies, the team decided that they had to help industries consuming less energy and being more efficient.

Industries are living a digitalization process, where the development of internet of things has increased the information collected from energy meters and sensors. Therefore, it has emerged an opportunity on energy analytics, real time energy management and energy predictions, in order to optimize and reduce energy costs.

Bigda Solutions is stablished in The Technological Park of Alava in the Basque Country, a meeting place of innovation and collaboration between companies, surrounded by green areas and mountains.

During the last few months you were completing the EXPERIMENT stage of EDI, developing your data solution even further. How has your startup evolved during this process alongside the EDI challenge?

The team has improved and increase the awareness on the technological complexity of developing a real time energy platform. It has been a work that has supposed agile methodology with a high technological level. This last 4 months has made the team get inspired and has developed an effective and cohesive work team.

How did you feel when you found out that you’d made it through to the EVOLVE stage? What was it like pitching in Bilbao?

Pitching in Bilbao was an exciting experience and finding out being one of the 6 finalists was even more. There was a very high level and interesting pitches from other startups. It was an interesting learning process of how to make company pitches.

The moment that the top 6 startups were announced in Bilbao after a competitive round of pitching. Bigda Solutions was one of the winners!

What will be your focus during the last 2 months of EDI? What do you want to achieve?

During the next 2 months the marketing and commercialization stage will be fundamental to test the potential of the predictive energy platform developed during the EDI incubation process.

Finally, what would you say to a startup thinking of applying to EDI?

Applying to EDI has given Bigda Solutions the possibility to show the potential of the company, the idea and the solution proposed. The technical support, coaching sessions and funded obtained has helped Bigda take a step forward.

Sounds interesting? You could join EDI and grow your business too, just like Bigda!


Applications close on Wednesday 19 June, 12 (noon) CEST

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