Juan Kempe, leading internally the European Data Incubator is part of LIS-Solutions since 2018. Within LIS-Solutions he has developed himself to a Data Scientist participating in multiple BI and AI projects for the industry. Born in Germany, raised in Spain, switching back and forward between both countries he represents the ideals of an open European Union. Together with LIS-Solutions he wants to build bridges between our countries through strong economic relations and a modern, interconnected and digital industry.

Can you tell us how the idea for your startup began and about your team, where you are from, and where you work? 

LIS-Solutions is the result of the conviction, that we are facing a new era, the era of information.

After many years of frustration with unmanageable excel tables and missing information transparency our founders, Asier Barredo with more than 20 years of experience in logistics and Manuel Coterillo with 10 years of experience in IT decided to found LIS-Solutions to get closer to the reality of data. Their idea was to use innovative methods and tools to visualize and interact with data of the supply chain to increase transparency and reduce inefficiencies within it. Since then they have created a multidisciplinary and dynamic team joining the world of business, industry and data.

Our mission is to guide and support organizations in realizing the digital transformation from the creation of data through sensors, over massive information storage and ETL models joining multiple data sources, to the development of artificial intelligence and powerful data visualization applications. Starting in 2013 in Spain we are now expanding our services to Germany continuing our success story.

During the last few months you were completing the EXPERIMENT stage of EDI, developing your data solution even further. How has your startup evolved during this process alongside the EDI challenge?

In 2018, we were able to keep growing in both sales and personal being another great year for us. In addition, we were very happy to be able to join the European Data Incubator. Our services were focused on logistics and supply chain and we were planning to diversify them adding a product for the production line in our portfolio. Hereby the EDI has been a wonderful opportunity giving us a great pilot project with Volkswagen Navarra, resources and training.

During the last months we have not only developed a great product for predictive maintenance but also further developed our team gaining valuable experience and knowledge. Furthermore, we should not forget all the media appearances achieved through the program which helps us so much to bring us on the landscape. We were recognized by the ABC (one of Spain’s biggest newspapers) being one of the most brilliant Big Data Start Ups. This fills us with honor and confidence.

How did you feel when you found out that you’d made it through to the EVOLVE stage? What was it like pitching in Bilbao?

The final event in Bilbao was our opportunity to show the results of 4 months of hard work, of many discussions and many hours developing our product for predictive maintenance for industrial robots. We were very happy and excited to finally pitch our MVP. After so much work we were anxious to present our results and see if we could make it to the next round. All the startups had made great progress, and all had made an impressive development.
The happier we were when we got the message that we made it through to the EVOLVE stage. This is a wonderful confirmation of our work and gives us a lot of confidence for the future. At this point I also want to show our gratitude to everyone who made this possible: all the team members, LIS-Solutions, our coach Aitor Goti, the team from Volkswagen Navarra and of course all the consortium members organizing this great program.

Juan Kempe on the left at the EXPERIMENT event in Bilbao

What will be your focus during the last 2 months of EDI? What do you want to achieve?

During the EXPERIMENT stage we developed our MVP for predictive maintenance: Rise Up Data Pro. This product aims to give total control over robots and machines to the maintenance teams offering a near real time view of each machine’s status. With this they will be able to identify which machines are having problems and should be checked before they fail. This could save millions to the industry.

After developing our MVP during the EXPERIMENT stage, we now want to bring it to market. We will focus on our communication strategy to bring us and our product Rise Up Data Pro on the landscape. We were on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week and will assist to various other events, we will publish different posts about our product and contact as many potential customers as possible. Of course, we also want to further work with our data provider Volkswagen Navarra expanding the pilot project to more robots and measuring the savings achieved. Finally, our objective for the next two months is to gain our first customers with the product Rise Up Data Pro.

Finally, what would you say to a startup thinking of applying to EDI?

I would recommend the program to all startups working with data. As mentioned before, it is a great opportunity in so many aspects not only financially. We were able to work with the biggest car manufacturer of the world (Volkswagen Group), to exchange with and learn from other brilliant start ups from all over Europe, to receive guidance from coaches and present ourselves on a great stage. All the efforts were definitely worth it.

Sounds interesting? You could join EDI and grow your business too, just like LIS-Solutions!


Applications close on Wednesday 19 June, 12 (noon) CEST

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