Follow the story of what it’s like to graduate from the second ‘Experiment’ phase of EDI and be chosen as one of lucky 6 teams going through to the final ‘Evolve’ stage – through our startups’ eyes.


Day 1: Last minute coaching and the technical evaluation


On the morning of Monday, 18th February, the remaining EDI teams coming from all over Europe met in Bilbao and were welcomed for the final 2-day stretch of the EDI ‘Experiment’ phase.

The startups were eager to reunite with their coaches, and with the companies providing the data for their projects, as this was last chance to get their approval and feedback on their MVPs. This was a nerve-wracking time for many of the startups as it was the first time they would get to speak to their coach and partnering company in the past few months. It would, ultimately, determine how confident they felt about fulfilling their goals for the ‘Experiment’ stage – and passing the upcoming technical evaluation in the afternoon.

After a quick break, the teams headed in for their technical evaluations, where their work over the last 4 months was evaluated according to a number of criteria, such as sustainability, use of EDI data, and scalability. Passing this stage would mean ‘graduating’ from the ‘Experiment’ phase, with up to 80K EUR of free equity.

In the evening the startups took a breather with a typical Basque dinner in Bilbao city, to gather their thoughts and relax before the pitches tomorrow.


Day 2 – Pitches and winners

The second day of the event was filled with the 16 startups’ pitches, back-to-back, starting at 09:30am.


Tensions were high for the startups as the pitches were their chance to present their work to a panel of judges and prove that they should be selected as one of the top 6 teams going through to the next stage of EDIncubation. The auditorium was filled with the 70 other people from the startup teams, coaches and data providers, providing an experienced audience of listeners.

The startups were asked questions after their pitch, including topics such as sustainability, why they were unique in the market and the finance needed to take their MVP to the next level.

During the pause in which the judges deliberated the winners, many of the startups were interviewed outside about their experience of EDIncubator.

Finally, the 70 people taking part in EDI went back into the auditorium to hear the big announcement! Next steps for the winners involve a 2-month phase of launching their MVP into the market, including a trip to Berlin for expert support and mentoring.

The 6 winning startups were announced by the University of Deusto:

Lis Solutions

Amigo Climate

Ciclo Green

Bigda Solutions

Morph L



Congratulations to these 6 teams, and well done to all of the startups and SMEs taking part!

All teams were given a special ‘Txapela’ hat (traditional in the Basque country for winners), embroidered with the EDI logo, as well as special award.


“It was a really good experience to present our results and our product and exchange with other brilliant startups.”

-Juan Kempe, Lis Solutions



“We have really appreciated the chance to mature the product, as well as all the knowledge and feedback received from the coaches and EDI trainers.”

-Iñigo Angulo, Zylk



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