On Tuesday 18 September at 10am CEST, the 30 startups selected for the EXPLORE phase of EDI will begin their EDI incubation journey with a group webinar presented by David Ruiz: “Big Data Ecosystems”.

After the kick-off webinar which took place on 7 September 2018, this is the first webinar offered by EDI to the 30 selected teams regarding the Big Data incubation adventure they have embarked upon.

The programme for the webminar will be as follows:

30’: What are Big Data ecosystems?

  • Big Data startup growth in the global market
  • Challenges to be faced: human resources, internationalitation, social change
  • Methodology for the growth of companies targeting the Data Economy. From BI to BA

50’: Important aspects: Transformation and Value

  • Use cases developed by Smartup: Insurances, Smart City, e-commerce, Smart Music Festival, political party.

20’: Q&A

Webinar materials will be made available in this post after the event. In addition, EDI startups attending will have access to the recorded webinar.

Image by LearnTek.

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