Code: EDI-2018-4-JOT_2

Domain: Internet & Media


Identify a set of keywords according of the user search intention. An initial, but not restricted, description can be the following: searching/opinion and reviews/comparison/action/others

Proposed by

Jot Internet Media España SL is a marketing online company with a worldwide presence through the Internet that generates qualified traffic for their customers.


Many times, the way searches are done determine a clear intention from the Internet user. Queries that contains terms such as opinion, review or buy among others that reflect a clear purpose. 

Due to these intention differences those keywords can be treated differently, for example customizing the ads to be more relevant and attractive to the user, which means a higher impact for the service/product/info provider.

For that reason, the aim of this challenge is to classify all these keywords in different categories (Research, Complain/Opinion, Action, Comparison and Others), being able to create specific ads for those groups and increasing the attention and relevance of the searches.


The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

  • General keyword listing

Expected outcomes

The final aim is to generate a categorization of the keywords depending on the intention of the potential client, so the account marketing manager can create specific and more relevant ads generating higher conversion rates. The key parameters to be used to evaluate that will be:

  1. Click Through Rate: Increased by 20%
  2. Clicks: Increased by 15%

In this way the predefined budget allocated for digital marketing will generate higher revenue in the landing page, as the ads shown will be customized depending on the user intentions.

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