Code: EDI-2018-11-VW_2

Domain: Industry 4.0


Obtaining working models of the robot from the new body shop in VW Navarra that allow activities on predictive maintenance of the industrial robots in the body shop.

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Volkswagen Navarra S.A. located in Pamplona (Spain), is one of the 119 plants belonging to the Volkswagen Group worldwide. Since 1984, the plant has been uninterruptedly producing the Volkswagen Polo.


Obtaining working models of the robot from the new Body Shop in VW Navarra. The robots have different applications, such as material handling, spot and stud welding, adhesive dispensing and high resolution inline measurement. The model will be created with the data provided from the robot. These data are variables used in the robot control, for example, load, position, speed, acceleration, torque, motor current of each axis. The parameters of the Tool Centre Point and machine data will be also included in the calculated model.

The model is necessary to:

  • Know working variables in trouble-free situations.
  • Predict mechanic wear and failure.
  • Recognize variable diversions in relation to the model.
  • Check robot mechanical conditions.
  • Robot diagnosis after collision or crash


The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

  • Robot data from the body shop

Expected outcomes

  • Making planned maintenance interventions before having a production interruption due to a robot failure. That means to change a corrective maintenance for a predictive maintenance. In case of failure or collision check the mechanical conditions of the robot for planning next maintenance interventions.
  • The savings in the plant are still unknown and would like to use the historical data to validate our assumptions and check the amounts that could be saved on this behalf thanks to predictive maintenance.

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