Code: EDI-2018-14-VIAVERDE

Domain: Smart Cities


Pricing schemes optimisation for Porto area drivers considering the actual movement of drivers among the toll highways and utilisation of parking facilities.

Proposed by

Via Verde Portugal is doing electronic collection for highways in Portugal. Adding to this, it has multiple value-added services for in-car-services: off-street and on-street parking (app based), McDrive, Fuel and Ferryboats. With more three million clients, each one has an OBU (Identification) and a payment mean for post-payment scheme.


The challenge will provide data on the volume of clients using Via Verde services in Porto, value spent and possible combinations for bundle pricing schemes. Giving the client origin and destination, pricing schemes can differ from locals to clients living outside Porto city ring. Information can be set for vehicle type and client type.

The challenge aims to gather information to identify possible schemes to tackle possible bundle transactions acquisitions to operators. To do this we need to identify:

  • Consumption patterns: daily, weekly and monthly
  • Client type: private or corporates
  • Volumes acquired
  • Types of day and periods of the day: morning, evening, peak hours

The given conclusions may apply for different payment means associated with Client contract type. Inside Porto metropolitan ring, different areas may be applicable as well, using car-park availability and parking capacity.


The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

  • Anonymised list of customers
  • Contract types of customers
  • Tags information
  • Transaction list in the city of Porto
  • Transaction points for drivers

Expected outcomes

Via Verde covers close to 80% of tolling transactions and 60% car-parks. We want to increase these values, offering pricing bundles: daily, weekly or monthly passes for private and corporate clients. Tools to simulate and monitor the efficiency of these pricing bundles may also be conceptualized.

How do we apply?

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