Code: EDI-2018-9-VPS

Domain: Energy & Environment


Improve energy usage in different sites forecasting HVAC consumption, identifying anomalous consumption for corrective and preventive actions and estimating savings when shedding events are applied.

Proposed by


Virtual Power Solutions SA. Located in Coimbra – Portugal, Virtual Power Solution is an innovative, market leader in the design and operation of dynamic connected platforms, providing real-time granular data to consumers, network operators and utilities.


Currently more than 30.000 measurement points are monitored. In typical building installations income and other circuits are monitored, such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and lighting.

Around a 15% of VPS measurement points are related to HVAC circuits with remote on/off control. These circuits represent a major part of total energy consumption and, for that reason, there is an opportunity to use data mining and advance control techniques to reduce waste without compromising comfort, getting direct savings. Additionally, the volume of electrical power under management offers load balancing opportunities in VPP context.

As a challenge, VPS proposes the development of a model, using the available historical consumption data and other attributes like location, to identify and predict consumption patterns with the following objectives: (1) HVAC consumption forecasts; (2) Anomalous consumption detection; (3) Manage shedding events.


The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

  • HVAC Energy Usage

Expected outcomes

  • Identification of the necessary resources needed to avoid waste and take preventive actions. First identifying the work schedules and calculating the base load and consumption profile (KWhs).
  • Receive notifications with information regarding corrective or preventive actions and increase or maintain savings thanks to the anomalous consumptions identification.
  • Application of shedding, in each site, without compromising indoor comfort temperature and simultaneously creating an opportunity to sell load balancing capabilities to the power grid operator.

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